On the Bookshelf

by lowbeamstudios

My vacation reading:

-Built By Wendy Coats & Jackets:  I really want to sew up a spring/fall jacket to replace my favorite for ten years;  It was threadbare in the back of all places.

-An Everlasting Meal:  The Farmer’s Market opens in just over a month and I am ready.

-BurdaStyle:  A little inspiration for altering patterns.

-Hand in Hand:  Crafting with kids from some great bloggers, including a few of my regular reads.

-The Supple Body:  Stretching….I’m trying to get fit!

-A Field Guide to Fabric Design:  I am mustering up the courage to get over my lacking technical skills and learn to design on the computer.

-Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design:  see above

***As you can see I am a library loving gal.