Snip, Snip, Sew, Sew

by lowbeamstudios

My kids have favorite items of clothing.  You know those pieces that are worn again and again:  They pull them out of the basket as soon as they are washed and dried and are upset when they need to come off in trade for pajamas at bedtime.  These same items are also the hardest for my kids to throw in the donation bag when they have outgrown them.

Reading I Had a Favorite Dress provided a solution to the outgrown, but still-loved clothing items.  I Had a Favorite Dress is a children’s story about a young girl outgrowing her favorite dress and her hip crafty mom remaking the same item over and over, each time into a new item to love.  The story is a feminine, contemporary version of Joseph Had a Little Overcoat.  Both stories focus on the resourceful and sustaining ability “to make something out of nothing”.

The solution:  dresses to skirts.  My daughter recently outgrew two of her favorite dresses.  The first was a hand-me-down purple velvet dress.  She lived in that dress for two winters straight.  The velvet was worn from the elbows, the bodice was snug, the  hemline had creeped up too high, and she was asking to wear it into the warmer days of Spring.  The second was not as precious to her but she now knows I can magically transform clothes, allowing her to keep them in her wardrobe.

The favorite purple dress:  (before and after)

photo courtesy of Grandma Chris

The daisy dress:  (before and after)

photo courtesy of Grandma Chris

To alter the dresses:

  1. cut them in half across the waistline (I cut directly below the armpits for the second)
  2. make a casing by folding the fabric twice and stitching
  3. thread elastic
  4. ta-da!

In Boni Ashburn’s words, “Snip, Snip, Sew, Sew.”