Spring Cowl

by lowbeamstudios

I am a scarf girl.  Wrapping one around my neck makes me feel glamorous and exciting. They are an easy accessory that dresses up most any outfit.  I have a variety, but I find myself still being inspired to make more.  When AMH shared her figure 8 scarf made with voile and velveteen I wanted to put something similar together.  I had just enough dobby dots left over from this top and the perfect coordinating feathers (Martha Negley’s Farmington line for Westminster) popped up at the fabric shoppe a few weeks ago.  It was an easy project that came together in about an hour (with the exception of hand-sewing which is excruciatingly slow for me).  I used AMH’s tutorial for directions, but my fabric is slightly shorter and narrower than her pattern called for since I was skimming a raglan top and the scarf out of a yard and a half.