Playing with Pleats: Part One

by lowbeamstudios

Spring top #3 is in the works.  This top did not start with a particular pattern or fabric, just a vague idea of pleats.  I have been noticing them on apparel and household items and wanted a chance to play around.  Lacking a selection of solids in stash fabric, I headed to the shoppe.  Nothing was quite the right color for me but I came home with a yard and a half of a red/orange shot cotton anyways.  It sat for a few days, but I still wasn’t excited.  I had recently seen some tutorials on discharge dying and was hoping the process and the resulting altered fabric would get me interested.  I filled the sink, added some bleach, swished my pre-wet fabric and waited a few minutes.  The water slowly turned yellow and after a few minutes my fabric looked less red and more orange.  The photo below shows the red warp threads turned to a washed out pink the the orange weft threads brightened up a bit.  I sewed up a grouping of pin tucks.  Now, I only have to decide on a pattern to showcase the pleats.