KCWC 2012: the girl

by lowbeamstudios

Mira decided on the following dress and fabric Wednesday after looking through a few books and choosing fabric from a few stashed options.  I cut the pattern and fabric Wednesday night and sewed the dress both Friday and Saturday.

pattern:  White Cotton Sundress from Carefree Clothes for Girls

fabric:  two vintage prints from my Grandmother’s collection.  She had given both prints to me awhile back to make something for Mira.

the sewing:  I have sewn a few garments for Mira from this book and have been happy with the final results.  I do think there pattern sizes run slightly large, which I sometimes remember.  I didn’t this time so the dress is just a wee bit big.  She told me that she would grow into it though.  I added the ruffled shoulder from the Quilted Bodice Dress, but I cut them on the fold so there are no raw edges.  I also added some crazy big pockets.  Mira really wanted pockets big enough to fill and now she has them.