It takes a little rain….

by lowbeamstudios

……to make a rainbow of course.  I was under the weather for a few days last week and we have had a few gray and drizzly days on and off as well.  During those times, I pulled out the hula hoop and this rainbow of t-shirts for some fun crafting.

We used these directions to make up some little rugs.  I warped the hula hoop and started the weft one evening so we could jump right in the next day.  Mira had some very specific ideas about the colors in her rug (in addition to which stuffed friend would be sleeping on the finished product), so the first one went to Cy.  He was happy to have one and didn’t care what color I had started with.  I worked with her to start the second.

Mira weaving on her brother’s:

The finished products:

Cy enjoying them at the park: