Don’t Bump My Glump!

by lowbeamstudios

Many thanks to Shel Silverstein (and Mira’s preschool teacher) for some creative inspiration for family drawing time a few weeks back.  We sat down with a new-to-us book, watercolor paper, ink pens, and watercolor paints.  Drawing time turned into two weekend days worth of fun and our very own book of illustrations and poetry.

Don’t Bump the Glump! is Silverstein’s first published book of verse.  It contains fantastical creatures rendered in ink and painted in a most amazing watercolor palette (his only book with full color illustrations).  With creatures named The One-Legged Gantz and The Pointy-Peaked Pavarius you can expect the poetry to match the illustrations in silliness and sophistication.

We created the creatures in one sitting and revisited them the next weekend to write poems.  The following is a sample of the twenty-some pages of creatures in our zoo.

I am pretty sure working on this book was also the inspiration for Mira to cut up a few watercolor paintings and re-assemble them into a four foot tall wall hanging.