What A Flop

by lowbeamstudios

the pattern:  Amy Butler’s Blue Sky Hat

the fabric:  thrifted 100% linen moo moo dress

the sewing:  The hat came together great.  The pattern is well written and has four sizes to choose from.  The linen stretched in a way my muslin mock-up didn’t so it fits just a wee bit big.  The real problem comes in with my lack of three layers of cotton canvas to provide support for the brim.  I used a layer of batting and quilted circles around the brim hoping that would provide enough support without the weight of three layers of canvas.  Nope!  I was wearing a quilt on my head.  It flopped so much it was comical.  I searched around online and decided to soak the brim in a cornstarch and water mix to help firm it up.  It helped a lot, but this solution is not long lasting.  Once the hat is worn a few hours it gets floppy.  A complete re-do might be necessary.  For $2 in fabric and less than two hours sewing time, I think I can handle that.