capital V for Vacation

by lowbeamstudios

Last week we followed my husband along on a research trip to Washington D.C.  He scoured and scanned previously classified documents in a small room.  The kids and I had a lot more fun.  We split our time between the sights of the District and my sister’s home in Virginia.

I neglected my camera last week, but here are a few photos I did take:

Above is one very tired girl who walked many more miles in one day than she is used to.

I could have spent all day in the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. The only things that kept me moving were my kids with shorter attention spans than myself and the crazy crowds.  Look at that rainbow of gems.  We also walked next door to the American History Museum and saw Dorothy’s ruby slippers.

A tea party fit for stuffed animals and cousins alike.  The kids cleared the cupboard of all drinking vessels to make sure not one single animal was left without tea.

My niece recently started riding lessons.  I think Mira wants lessons even more now.

***I finished up a pair of pants the night before we left.  I wore them for three of the seven days of vacation, and I don’t have a single photo of me to document them.  I will be sharing those once I get the husband to snap a photo shoot.