Simple Modern Sewing: Linen Crops

by lowbeamstudios

linen/cotton cropped pants

I finished these pants the night before we left for our DC trip.  I wore them for three of the seven days of vacation.  Needless to say, another pair is in the works already!

the pattern:  Simple Modern Sewing’s 4b Elastic Waist Crops (modified)

the fabric:  Robert Kaufman’s Essex Yarn-Dyed in Leather – 55% linen, 45% cotton

the sewing:  This is my third pattern from Simple Modern Sewing.  For these pants, I was drawn to the detail of the double elastic waist and overall simplicity.  I made two modifications to the original pattern:  one made all the difference in fit for me and one for functionality.

The latter was the addition of in-seam pockets.  I used a self-drafted pocket that I made for these pants especially.  Unlike most of my sewn in-seam pockets, I left these flat on top and incorporated that edge into the sewn seam for the waistband elastic.  This means the fabric doesn’t pull funny when the pockets have heavier things in them.

The second mod was made because, proportionate to the rest of my body, I have a big butt.  After two kids, my waist has remained wonderfully slender, but my hips, thighs, and butt have grown.  This results in a difficult search for pants that fit both my hips/butt and waist.  Enter the sewing machine and pattern adjustments.  The Coletterie has a pants fitting cheat sheet that makes me fear sewing fitted pants no more.  I used the “Derriere Adjustments” tutorial to change my pattern and make a second muslin.  It was amazing to me that a few slashes and pivots could make such a change for the better.  This was the biggest modification, but made the pants fit appropriately around all my parts.

Oops… another slight mod:  I shortened the length by two inches.

The sun was bright during the photo shoot and my husband was done taking photos.  The waist/pocket detail below is true to color.  Of course, that is the inside of the pants.