At the Grandparents

by lowbeamstudios

We had a great little getaway staying at my parents’ house for an extra long weekend.  More than once I thought my childhood home is a small slice of heaven.  It was well worth the 200 some mile drive alone with both kids (my husband had class to teach and couldn’t get away with us).  We lounged in a shady hammock, caught frogs before breakfast, played backyard games, lit off fireworks, enjoyed everyone’s company, and I allowed myself to read an entire novel in a day.

The only photos I took were of our one adventure away from the house.  We traveled one mile south to a family friend’s farm.  We visited with rabbits, cats, goats, cows, poultry, pigs, alpacas, and miniature horses.

**If it is possible, Mira wants a bunny even more after her visit with these.