by lowbeamstudios

Time escapes me as I watch my children grow.  How does it happen so fast?  Not quite a year ago, a friend‘s daughter turned six and she mentioned that she had made it a third of the way through childhood.  It seems crazy!

Amid the excitement of staying at Grandma’s, we had a quiet dinner and chocolate cake decorated with gummy creatures at Mira’s request.  Mira had opened her presents the day before while we were still at home.

Two July babies means I have special birthday sewing/crafting that occupies my quiet time (i.e. after bedtime) in late June and the first half of July.  Mira wanted a chocolate cake covered in gummy creatures, a new stuffed friend, and her own sewing kit.  How could this crafty momma not oblige?  Everything sounded great with the exception of the gummy bears and worms I picked off my piece of cake.

The sewing box:  The kit includes supplies like new pins with fancy tops, a measuring tape, fabric scissors, and a needle threader.  I also included pretty ribbons, cuts of fabric and felt, and embroidery floss.  I made up a mason jar pin cushion to house all the sharps.  (There are lots of tutorials online.)  All the items are collected in an vintage needlepoint purse that Mira’s great Grandma used to carry.

I has also wanted to sew something simple for Mira.  A zippy pouch to house her tiny precious items was something I knew she would love.  While I was deciding on what style of pouch, Anna at Noodle-head put up a new tutorial.  I had to try the open wide zippered pouch.

The pouch came together great in just over an hour.  Mira’s love of bunnies helped me decide on which fabric to use.  The outer fabric is Laurie Wisbrun’s Modern Whimsy Rabbit Trellis.  The interior is a vintage sheet remnant.  The pull tab is a tiny piece of Sarah Jane’s Children at Play Balloons.  These are the only bunnies she is getting this year:  Her new stuffed animal is not a rabbit (she has quite a few already), but an opossum because her Dad and her have a funny back and forth about whether they are cute and cuddly or dirty and ugly.