Quilt Shop Hop

by lowbeamstudios

The Columbus Modern Quilt Guild organized a Quilt Shop Hop in southwest Ohio this past weekend.  I joined the guild prematurely (having not finished an actual quilt, only small quilted pieces) to find like-minded creative people locally.  And that I did!  I must miss all the critiques from my time as an undergraduate in Fine Arts, because that is what I am searching out.  I need to discuss and exchange ideas with people I find inspiring and encouraging.  I suppose I started this blog for a similar reason:  I wanted to become a participating member of the crafting community online.

The attendance for the hop was not as great as initial interest, but the low turnout provided me the opportunity to talk to the few ladies who did attend more in-depth.  We talked about all facets of sewing and hand crafts, including quilting.  We also talked of family, food, and vacations we have taken.  The hop was a wonderful one day vacation.

The day’s souvenirs:

We left early and visited three quilt shops as we headed south.

The Fabric Shack is a large quilt shop in Waynesville, Ohio with batiks, vintage reproductions, and modern fabric with everything in between.  I was happy to find the Malka Dubrawsky line I had been lusting after, in addition to a few others.  The store had been notified we were coming and had even set up a little gift bag.

We drove a little farther south after lunch and started our afternoon at Lavender Street.  This quilt shoppe is smaller in size, but had a nice selection.   They had prepared a little demo for us and provided a free pattern.

Sewn Studio was our third stop for the day.  Sewn is a modern quilt shoppe, reminding me of my local frequented shoppe.  I enjoyed their great selection of solids and seeing a few designers I hadn’t known of.  There are great photos of the shoppe here (where I was first introduced).

Ikea was our last stop for the day’s shopping.  I bought some large cuts of fabric to back future quilts….And some skirt hangers, because you can’t leave this destination shopping locale without a few extra purchases.

I am thankful for the planning that went into this day and the women who traveled with me.  I am looking forward to the next one in a few months.