Three Years Ago

by lowbeamstudios

On a Thursday, at just under 42 weeks, I was told by the midwife it might be a few more days.  I moped around the house that night, but I filled my schedule for the next few days knowing I would go crazy with wait otherwise.  Late the next morning, I put Mira in the trailer and biked to the library.  (I was am that crazy lady!)  After picking up some books and lounging in the play area, my body had a contraction that felt a wee bit different than all those others I had been having for months.  I told Mira it was time to go home for lunch.  By the time my husband answered his phone a few hours later, I knew we had to cancel all the weekend plans I had made that morning.  Cy was born just a few hours later.  The above photo was taken two weeks later.

Tonight, at the birthday boy’s request, we will dine on avocados and cookies.  He had originally wanted an avocado chocolate cake, but changed his mind.  Maybe I can change it back today, because I thought he was very trendy and was excited to try this cake.  Either way, today is a day full of celebration.