Multiple Personalities Play Rug

by lowbeamstudios

Cy’s birthday gift was meant to be a work in progress when we presented it to him.  A few months ago, I had envisioned a race track/zoo play mat.  It seemed funny to combine the two, but I was sure both my kids would play with it a lot more if it functioned as more than a race track.  Second to Cy’s love of all things car related, is his love of animals.  Why not make their very own habitat for animals to enjoy as well?

I started with a heavyweight cotton canvas.  I transferred a map of Columbus, Ohio (our hometown) onto the surface using a grid on both the printed map and the canvas.  I love that our city has an outer belt that forms the car track and liked this idea better than creating my own roads or a generic oval track.  To apply the roads I used acrylic paint thinned with a fabric medium and both 1″ and 2″ foam brushes.  After all the paint dried, I curved the corners and edged the fabric with bias trim.  Cy received it in this unfinished state.

A few days later we set to work adding color and details.  The kids spent a few hours coloring different sections with crayon and deciding which animals lived next to which.  They had all the animals spread across the mat that day.

The next morning it was a race track again; bare, with the exception of the cardboard car garage and cars racing around the track.