Vacation Snapshots

by lowbeamstudios

Every year around this time, my family assembles at a family cottage on a small lake in western Michigan.  My siblings stretch from coast to coast and this is sometimes our only chance for all our family to come together.  I will be without internet and even cell phone reception (unless you stand at the top of the stairs in just the right spot), but have left you with a daily photo or two and a little story of past vacations.


Eight years ago, my husband and I were married.  Having just finished our undergraduate studies and my husband starting graduate school in the fall, we had the summer free to travel through Europe.  This was also made possible by very generous family that helped fund a majority of our adventures.  The above is one of the three photos we have together from six weeks of travel.  Over a thousand photos and only three that we are both in!  I took many touristy shots and my husband was always calling me to catch up as I paused to capture a street sign or get just the right shot of the rooftops.

I have a habit of photographing numbers and couldn’t pass up this house address:

The colors everywhere were gorgeous and this shot from Venice captures some of that feeling.  I also like the lady in the top window.