Vacation Snapshots

by lowbeamstudios

Every year around this time, my family assembles at a family cottage on a small lake in western Michigan.  My siblings stretch from coast to coast and this is sometimes our only chance for all our family to come together.  I will be without internet and even cell phone reception (unless you stand at the top of the stairs in just the right spot), but have left you with a daily photo or two and a little story of past vacations.


Last summer we traveled south to Kentucky.  This was our first trip with two kids and multiple nights in a tent.  We visited caves and waterfalls and hiked.  My husband even scared me with bear paranoia.  This photo is the two kids after a few days of travel “posing” at the top of Cumberland Falls.

Wanting my kids to experience nature to the fullest, I suggested they walk through the muddy spots like the one on the left in the photo above.  Who doesn’t love to squish their toes in cold mud?  They wouldn’t do it alone, so I had a child holding each hand when they stepped in.  Having been awhile since I myself stepped in mud, I forgot just how slippery it can be.  The kids lost their footing and all three of us crashed into the mud.  We were all covered in mud now:  See it down Mira’s left side of her dress.  I was nice enough to wipe it from her face before documenting the mess.

After a quick recovery and a wardrobe change, she was my little adventurer again!