by lowbeamstudios

I started weaving two years ago and fell in love with the back and forth of the shuttle.  I took a year of classes at Columbus Cultural Arts Center, which houses about 40 large floor looms on the third floor of one of Ohio’s first arsenals, built in 1861 to store weapons.  I worked on machines ranging from two to eight heddles and learned more information than I might ever put to use.

At home, I weave on a Glimakra Rigid Heddle Loom.  It clamps right onto my table and folds compactly for storage.  It had been sitting on floor with a half-woven scarf long enough that my husband complained and I worked hard for a few hours to finish it.  My favorite part of weaving comes just as you finish working.  When you release the warp tension and pull, your fabric unrolls from its tightly wrapped state and reveals itself for the first time in its entirety.

This scarf is a plain weave (one over, one under) with 100% wool warp and weft.  My daughter picked the yard from my stash.  The warp (lengthwise threads) is a variegated green with bits of sea foamy green.  It also contains four bands of a purple and green variegated wool.  The weft (weaving thread) is the same purple yarn used for the stripes.  It is a very slightly open weave with great drape.  I will be getting this and a few others up in my etsy shop sometime next week.