Practice makes Perfect

by lowbeamstudios

I am what most people call a “perfectionist”.  I much prefer to say I have great attention to detail.  Either way, I have a hard time letting the little things go.  I will rip out seams without any hesitation if something doesn’t line up right or the fit of a garment is just a little off.  If I have a vision in my head, I won’t stop fiddling away until the finished project looks the same.

My quilt top is finished.  As I impatiently wait for the backing yardage to arrive in the mail, I have set to work practicing my skills on a few miniature quilts that could be used as hot pads or mug rugs.  I am hoping this bit of practice allows my vision for the large quilt to come together a bit easier.  I would rather not rip large portions of quilting out to make it just right.  I want it right the first go round.