My Machine and Two New Feet

by lowbeamstudios

I requested a sewing machine for my 17th birthday.  My parents came through with a BabyLock machine (model BL6200).  It was a giant upgrade from my Mom’s neglected machine I had been using.  I sewed blindly and ambitiously for the next two years.  When I left for college the machine did not come with me.  (In hindsight, it should have:  Fashion Design would have been as awesome a major as Fine Arts).

Fast forward to about six years ago when my machine and I became re-aquainted.  In the last year and a half my sewing has picked up dramatically.  Crafting is my re-charge time;  the more I fit in each day, the better.  My machine has been solid and reliable and worked just right in her out-of-the-box fashion.  Until now.

Last week I set out to find a local Babylock dealer who could supply two new feet to help me with my recent quilting endeavors.  My machine wasn’t even listed in their catalogs, but they called the manufacturer and found me my feet.  I played around with both on scraps, but quickly set to work using the walking foot in an attempt to finish my first quilt.

If only I sewed as fast as the ideas came into my head.  My sewing list this week is more ambitious than usual, but I need to get some of the ideas into production.  I have the fabric and plans for at least three more quilts this year, in addition to a few fall wardrobe “essentials”.  At the top of the list this week:  to bind the above and photograph some great reveal shots for everyone here.