Long-Sleeve Tees

by lowbeamstudios

Something shifted and my mind is on the changing of the seasons.  We are still getting the most out of 85 degree days with lots of creeking, outdoor performances, and perhaps a trip to the water park in the plans this weekend.

The kids have grown in the last year.  Sleeves and pant legs are too short.  I haven’t bribed my kids to try on every piece of their clothing to see what we’ll need to make it through winter, but I do know a few long-sleeve shirts will be on the list.  I had the urge to sew garments the last few days, so I did.

the pattern:  Raw-Edged Raglan from Sewing for Boys (sewn with raw edges inside, purple is 3/4 sleeves of my own measurement and green is long-sleeve version)

the fabric:  thrifted tees and scraps from a friend

the sewing:  These are my second and third attempt with jersey and I am definitely still getting comfortable.  It seems sometimes the stretch works in my favor and other times it does not.  There was one mistake big enough to fix and another that was small enough I decided to leave it.  I did have fun playing/practicing with my new freehand foot to work on a design Mira and I figured out together.  Three cheers for reverse appliqué!

Cy enjoyed picking fabric for his shirt too.  He found the men’s tree tee at the thrift earlier this week and the turtle fabric in my stash.  I can’t resist asking him what is on his new shirt because he says “turtle” in such a cute way right now.