Where I’ve Been/ What’s Keeping me Busy

by lowbeamstudios

We had a trip to the Emergency Room last week that resulted in a 4 night stay with full bed rest.  We were released yesterday with a month (at least) of restricted activity to manage for this spunky 3 year old.

I packed a bag via telephone the night after being admitted and couldn’t think of any project my husband could easily gather the components for and I could manage while sitting in bed next to my boy.  After a moments thought, I remembered a mess of papers stacked next to my cookbooks.  It is probably 100 random pieces of paper that contain recipes.

I made a small dent in transferring my favorite recipes over to index cards.  I have been wanting to do this for so long.  It is difficult to find my often used recipes among the mess, so they need to be organized.  I have plans for a little recipe box that will look tidier than the mess above.  I hope to finish as soon as I replenish my stock of 4″ x 6″ cards.

Over the next few weeks, the healing boy (and girl that missed me during our hospital stay) will be keeping me busy.  I will try to pop in here sporadically but I plan on using all free time to catch up on sewing.