Patchwork Baskets

by lowbeamstudios

I am headed to a party tonight.  The Columbus Modern Quilt Guild is celebrating its two-year anniversary.  I am looking forward to food, fabric swapping, and a friendly competition.

The paint chips were handed out a few months back.  I gathered some scraps and bought a bit of coordinating solids.  I had a few patchwork skills I wanted to practice/play around with in addition to a pattern I had been waiting to buy that happened to be on sale.

I used this pattern to make two fabric toy baskets.  Quilting Modern had just been released and I was so excited to try the “stitch and flip” triangles (so many possibilities!).  I spent a bit of time on my math to figure out what size squares would work with the basket pattern.  The sewing was easy after that.    The kids claimed these immediately and I had to dump random toys to get a few snapshots.  I wouldn’t mind sewing a few more for myself.

Off to make a caramel drizzled apple galette to share with my quilt friends!