Halloween 2010: Buzz and Woody

by lowbeamstudios

**This post is part of a 4 day series highlighting hand-made costumes from past Halloweens.  I hope to provide inspiration and ideas in your costume crafting endeavors.  The photos are family snapshots, but still accurately convey the costumes.  In most cases, I will provide some direction on the crafting process.

Two trick-or-treaters in 2010 meant I could indulge in themed costumes.  I had lots of ideas but settled on the movie Toy Story after the kids decided they had to be characters.

::  Buzz Lightyear  ::

….to infinity and beyond!

the space suit:  I purchased white sweatsuit basics and appliquéd fabrics onto them.  Heat and Bond Light is great for this purpose.  You iron it onto the fabric, cut out your shapes, peel the paper, and iron onto your main body of fabric.  For everyday clothing, I then sew around the shapes.  For this costume, I just added puffy paint outlines.  I also sewed a belt.

The wings are made from a large piece of cardboard that Mira and I painted together.  I added elastic arm cuffs through a few slits.

The hat is from the book Carefree Clothes for Girls.  It worked perfect for Buzz’s hood.  I can’t say enough good things about this book and you will see another pattern from it tomorrow.  I have made a hat for myself as well.

::  Cowboy Woody  ::

Woody came together with very little sewing.

the vest:  The cow print is quilter’s cotton weight with a fleece lining and a lightweight interfacing sewn in.  My current favorite vest pattern is in the book Little Things to Sew.  Although darling with the pockets, the the explorer vest pattern will work without for a simple cowboy vest.  Or Dana has a free pattern and tutorial HERE.

the rest:  I searched and searched the thrift stores for a yellow plaid shirt but this one was western enough when the yellow one couldn’t be found.  The hat, bandana, and sheriff badge were all found at a now out of business costume shop.