Halloween 2011: The Wizard of Oz

by lowbeamstudios

**This post is part of a 4 day series highlighting hand-made costumes from past Halloweens.  I hope to provide inspiration and ideas in your costume crafting endeavors.  The photos are family snapshots, but still accurately convey the costumes.  In most cases, I will provide some direction on the crafting process.

We spent the better part of 2011’s Fall reading and studying all things Wizard of Oz.  For my girl who was skipping everywhere, Dorothy was the obvious choice for a Halloween costume.  I was lucky enough to get another themed year when Cy wanted to be a lion.

::  Dorothy  ::

the dress:  The dress pattern was inspired by Heather Ross‘s Flower Girl Dress from Weekend Sewing.  I used two different sized ginghams.  The body is a smaller gingham cut on the grain.  I used the smaller gingham again, cut on the bias this time, to border the skirt.  The skirt is the larger gingham on the grain.  The straps are the larger gingham cut on the bias.  The mixing up of the two fabrics gave the simple shape of the dress pops of detail it would have otherwise been missing.

the shirt:  Another great pattern from Carefree Clothes for Girls.  I sewed the dress with lace doily pattern, but modified it to a fitted blouse.  I added the necessary ric rac along the collar when I finished with bias trim.

the shoes:  What Dorothy costume could be complete without ruby red slippers?  These were purchased at Target and worn long after they were outgrown.  She now needs another pair.

Toto was played by Mira’s stuffed dog Emmett.

::  the Cowardly Lion  ::

the mane:  Oh, the mane!  It made the costume.  I hadn’t wanted to do the work, but am so glad I did.  I bought an assortment of yarns in a variety of texture and color.   I had a golden yellow that matched the shirt and pants, a coppery cotton, a warm brown, and a bright yellow.  I started by knitting a hat similar to this bonnet pattern.  I then added a gazillion lengths of yarn by tassel tying with a crochet hook.  The ears were nearly the end of me and I knit each one at least three times.  They are little cones shapes with knit stitches on the outer part of the ear and purl stitches on the recessed inner.  The are sewn onto the hat.  I could barely make two matching ears, so I am no help in reproducing them!

the shirt:  Cy’s moose shirt, inside out

the pants:  I found a remnant at JoAnn’s of this poly blend jersey that matched the sweatshirt perfect.  I made AMH’s quick change trousers.  The butt panel is an old Joel Dewberry print that suited the lion.  They reverse to a much loved robot print.

the tail:  I knit a long tube, felted it, and added a great big tassel.  HERE is a tassel tutorial.

the medal:  I cut a 6″ length of red ribbon and folded both ends toward the center.  I used hot glue to attach an old girl scout badge that looked like a medal to the front and a pin backing to the back.

::  Off to See the Wizard  ::