Halloween 2012: A Mouse and A Princess

by lowbeamstudios

Happy Halloween!!!

This year the themed costumes came to an end.  Cy had his own preference and as much as his sister tried talking him into other things, his mind was set.  Final decisions were made October 1st and I set to work.

::  Tangled’s Rapunzel  ::

Mira will be dressing as Rapunzel tonight.  Due to her past aversions to store-bought princess dresses, I knew I had no choice but to make it.  Mira left the polyester satin fabrics on the bolt and chose Kona cotton in two shades of purple instead.  I followed THIS tutorial as a pattern reference.

::  Mickey Mouse  ::

Cy went back and forth between “Regular” Mickey and Martian Mickey.  I am thankful he settled on the traditional Mickey, because I wasn’t interested in making a green Mickey suit.   I had so much fun with this costume.

the shirt and pants:  I sewed these up during KCWC.  You can find info HERE and HERE.

the hat:  The hat is a stocking cap similar to the one I used HERE.  Instead of attaching pink poodle ears, I made 5 inch heavily interfaced ears sewn into the side seams and supported them with a few thread chain tacks on the front and back.  As seen above, he is not fond of wearing the hat.

the shorts:  I used my own elastic waist pant pattern and modified it to suit my needs.  I added a 2 inch flat front/elastic back waistband.  Have you ever noticed how high Mickey’s shorts go on his belly?  I also gathered the leg openings.  The buttons were an awesome find at JoAnn’s.

the shoes:  I couldn’t find a free pattern for little boy slippers so I devised my own.  I traced Cy’s foot for the bottom.  It is three layers of batting and bumpy non-slip utility cloth.  I looked at a free adult slipper pattern to form the top of the slipper and added a cuff to the top as well.  They are lined in a flannel Mickey Mouse print.

—The weather made for ill-lit photographs.  (Uncooperative models didn’t help either.)  Either way, we are safe and well during this silly holiday and making the most of it.  I wish you and yours the same!