Dragon Mittens

by lowbeamstudios

To ward off the cold while playing in the snow, my kids will have a few fire breathing dragons on their side.

the pattern:  Little Things to Sew‘s Mittens

the fabric:  wool felt and polyester fleece

the sewing:  My son wanted to sleep in them the first night they were done.  This, like the other patterns in the book, is easy to follow and makes a great finished product.  I lengthened the pattern, put the elastic casing on the inside, and added the dragon embellishments.  Both my children have an aversion to wool, so I sewed a basic mitten in fleece, without the elastic, to be worn on the inside.  So there are no fights over mittens, I mixed up the colors a bit and now have both a fire-bellied dragon and a spotted belly dragon.

the pattern:  Little Things to Sew‘s Hat

the fabric:  wool felt and polyester fleece

the sewing:  I omitted the ears and added the fringe down the center panel.  The fringe is attached the same in the mittens.  I snipped triangles into two different colors of wool that were folded in half.  I then unfolded them both and sewed them both on.  After attaching them I refolded and sewed another line connecting all the spikes so they stand away from the hat.  I also took the seams in a little at the back (nape of neck) and front of the hat.  It was fitting a little loose and that little change brought it in close and snug to his head.