A Two for One Jacket

by lowbeamstudios

I had a corduroy jacket that I loved for over a decade.  It was originally purchased from Gap and when it looked dingy a few years ago I dyed it a deep purple.  Last Fall the back became so threadbare it tore one day as I put it on.  I grieved.

It’s replacement is finally here.

Presenting the Reversible Jacket:  linen side (above) and the cotton cross weave (below).  The idea ruminated around in my head while I decided what features made that other jacket so great and what I wanted out of this one.  With the help of Wendy’s Coat Book I have success.

the pattern:  the basic jacket from the Built by Wendy:  Coats and Jackets book (modified)

the fabric:  Moda Crossweave in Aqua Blue and All-purpose Linen in Sphinx

the sewing:  I am in love with this jacket….  And I have a heavier wool one in the works right now.

I assembled the basic jacket (with the mods below) twice without finishing them.  I then sewed the two sides together all around the edge leaving an opening to turn and finish.  There is also a hidden layer of cotton muslin for added stability.  I had planned on adding sew-in snaps but felt it was unnecessary and also didn’t want the little silver bits to mess with the aesthetic of the neckline.

I modified the basic jacket in the following ways:  (1) shortened the length by two or three inches, (2) added a little length to the sleeves, and (3) used the fitted jacket collar with an added inch in height.

Below is a detail of the contrast stitching on the linen side.