Insulated Sleeves

by lowbeamstudios

….but not the kind you wear.  (My coat sleeves are getting quilted this week though.)

I like to drink cold water.  Room temperature water just doesn’t have the same thirst quenching properties.  On the days we are out and about with fun activities and boring errands alike, I want cold water with me.  I also don’t like sweaty water bottles inside my purse.

My solution is an insulated water bottle sleeve.  It keeps my water cold and dresses up the plain stainless steel canister.

I slip on the sleeve, pack the bottle full of ice, add water, and head out the door knowing on even the hottest of days I will have cool hydration relief at the ready.

These were sewn using my own pattern in Lizzy House Castle Peeps, Alexander Henry Truckstop, and a Kokka Eau de Mer Animals in Zoo print.  I am thinking about writing a tutorial (my first!) for these and was hoping to gage interest.  Please leave a comment if you could use a free pattern to sew a water bottle sleeve for yourself.


I am off to enjoy family and feasting for the long weekend.  I will be back here sometime next week with a finished coat.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.