Insulated Water Bottle Covers – A Tutorial

by lowbeamstudios

Here goes:  my first tutorial!

This tutorial is for insulated water bottle covers for the 27 and 12 oz. KleanKanteen bottles.  To see a few more pictures of the finished product and my reasoning behind them see THIS post:

1.  Gather all materials.  You will need three different fabrics; a main fabric, a lining fabric, and some sort of insulating fabric.  Some choices are an old felted sweater, a terry cloth towel, an old wool blanket, or quilt batting.  If you choose batting you will need an additional piece of fabric to hold everything secure.

For the large 27 oz. bottle all three fabrics should measure 15” x 9”.

For the small 12oz. bottle all three fabrics should measure 15” x 5”.

You can also make an optional strap.  For a long handle (shown above on the outside bottles) you will need a main fabric strip measuring 11” x 3”.  For a short loop that a carabineer can attach to (shown on the center bottle above), you will need a small square of the main fabric measuring 3” x 3”.

2.  Cut all fabric to size.  From each of the three (or four if using batting) fabric pieces you will cut:

Large:  a 8” x 10” piece and a 4” square

Small:  a 4” x 10” piece and a 4” square

Take care in the cutting of your main fabric, being aware the bottom will be made from the 4” square and the bottle will be wrapped in the larger piece with the long edges being top and bottom.

3.  Sew the sleeve outers with right sides facing.  The lining will be folded alone and have a ¼” seam allowance (SA).  The lining and insulating fabric will be folded together with the lining on the inside.  They will be sewn with a ½”  SA making sure to leave an opining about 1 ½” in length centered along the seam.  (Ignore the photo above regarding this step as I forgot it myself and had to use the seam ripper to make a turning hole.)  The optional strap will also be folded in half and sewn with a ½” SA.

4.  If you have a protractor handy you can make a 4” circle on each square.  If you are without such handy tools, like myself, just mark the center of each square with a small washable X and measure 2” out towards each point (left square).  I then snip each corner to the mark (bottom right) and finish off by rounding it all out (top right).

5.  Carefully snip 3/8″ cuts into the bottom of each tube to aid in sewing the tube to the bottom.  Pin your main fabric tube to your main fabric bottom and insulator fabric.  Pin your lining and insulator tube to your lining fabric.  Sew with a ½” SA.

(I choose to put the two components of insulation separate to decrease bulk in the seams and ease the sewing of the curves.  )

6.  Cut SA down to ¼”  on both pieces.

7.  Keep the main fabric tube right side out and pin the handle to the interior centered at the seam.  Turn the lining right side out and insert into the main fabric tube.  Sew with a ¼” SA.

8.  Pull the lining out of the main fabric so you bottle cover looks like the one above.

9.  Using your fingers reach into the turning hole you left in the seam allowance of the lining and pinch a bit of fabric.  Gently ease the cover right side out.

10.  You’re nearly done!  Using a needle and thread, hand stitch the hole in lining closed.  Then push the lining into the main fabric.

11.  Topstitch around the top of the bottle and you are finished.

If you have read this far…. congratulations and Thank You!  I would love feedback on this very first tutorial of mine and am happy to answer any questions if you are stuck.

In addition to my first tutorial, I am having my first giveaway as well.  The green tree bottle cover was made for tutorial purposes only and will be sent to one lucky person who doesn’t want to sew their own. (Although you really should try!)  Leave a comment below (with email so I can contact you) and I will randomly draw a winner on December 8th .


Giveaway is closed.  Congrats to Beth who said:

love the bottle insulator. I know that it’s beyond my skills at this point but I thought your tutorial was great!