Ruby Star Wrapping

by lowbeamstudios

Ruby Star Wrapping Bags and Box

Two years ago I read a blog post about making re-usable gift wrap.  It sounded like another easy way to lighten my family’s footprint.  Although the idea sounded great, holiday festivities have since trumped the actual task of making gift wrap and late each December I have sat down and wrapped our family’s gifts in store bought paper.  The task of making gift wrap always sounded less fun than making gifts.  This year is different.  Melody Miller and Allison Tannery have helped me cross a bridge.  Their new book, Ruby Star Wrapping:  Creating Packaging to Reuse, Regive & Relove, is the perfect way to get excited about the process of making the packaging.

The book has an eclectic variety of gift wraps appropriate for any level crafter.  Every project in the book has a little essay at the top, describing and personalizing each idea.  There are also variations and other ideas spread throughout the book in such a way that I keep discovering another one to try.

So far I have made…….

Plucky Pantry Box

I started with the Plucky Pantry Box.  I emptied pantry boxes of their contents to transform ordinary cardboard I would usually recycle into pretty little boxes to hide gifts in.   My daughter and I made three of these (and one Inside Out Box) in an afternoon.  Alone I could make them faster, but my six-year-old had as much fun as me so we moved at her pace.  The one below is made of two pieces that were stitched together and then glued to the box.  I added a pretty ribbon to hide the seam and some lovely wool flowers to jazz up the top.

PPB Detail

A few days later, I used coordinating scraps to sew two of the variations for the Simple Drawstring Bag.

Simple Drawstring Bag Variation

I tried both the buttonhole version and the ribbon one (although I used homemade bias trim instead).


These bags came together quickly as well and can be made in any size to fit most any gift.  This might be my go-to gift wrap from now on.  One fat quarter would provide an adequate size for most packages and in Alison’s words:  “Very few things would not work in a drawstring bag.”

SDBV #2 Detail

Are you now asking yourself “what should I do with last year’s leftover wrapping paper?”  I was.  I am planning on using it all to make a few Soap Opera Boxes.  It is perfect for using the rest of your paper in a re-usable way.  Last minute gift-wrapping just became so much more fun and beautiful

Soap Opera Box

And now for you, the chance to win your own inspirational copy of Ruby Star Wrapping.


photo courtesy of Sew to Speak

To enter, jump over to the Sew to Speak blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Ruby Star Wrapping along with some extra goodies to get you started on your own re-usable gift wrap.  Then visit the other wrap-along participants’ sites to see what projects they have been working on.  Below is the complete schedule.  We are near the end but you still have a chance to win.  If you just can’t wait you can order one now as well.

Want more Ruby Star Wrapping?  Amy over at Sukie Don’t You Know…. has a wrap-along that runs a bit longer and has some great prizes too.