The Kids’ Christmas Quilts

by lowbeamstudios

Mira's Room Shot with Quilt

I finally got outside to take a few pictures of these.  I sewed up two whole cloth quilts before Christmas.  My kids were both excited to be moving up in bed size with our recent move and I thought new sheets and a matching quilt would be one more thing to look forward to.  I ordered sheets from Garnet Hill;  Novelty prints for the front and solid blue flannel for the back.  Sandwiched between the sheets are two layers of batting:  one wool and one cotton.  This makes them super warm and a bit puffy.



Mira received the horse quilt.  She also opened horse pajamas on Christmas morning and is quite sure she is camouflaged when she wears them to bed.  Hanging above Mira’s bed is a scene my Mother painted when she was a girl.  I was so happy to finally hang it.


The quilt is straight-line quilted with a variegated pink and green thread and bound with a solid pink.



Cy dreams in outer space every night now.  I used a variegated thread again:  This one has blue, turquoise, yellow, and red.  I decided on an all-over straight line quilting that made me think of the paths of all those little rockets.  Very intergalactic!  I bound this quilt in a Valori Wells Novella Rain.  The orange pod shapes resemble the rocket ships and the colors were spot on.


I counted these in my tally for quilts last year.  There was no piecing, but I gained a whole bunch of quilting experience from them.  And the kids love them… that’s what really counts.