I Want A Cat Shirt

by lowbeamstudios

Cy was upset the other morning as we were getting dressed:  He didn’t have a shirt with a cat on it like his sister was wearing.  That sounded like a good project to distract me from all the quilting I have been doing.  I told him he could have a cat shirt that very same day.

Cat Shirt

Together we picked from my big box of thrifted t-shirts.  I remembered I had a few cats hiding in my stash fabric and he chose this print (“I want the walking cat”):


I purchased this Japanese print a few years back to be used as a border for the bottom of the skirt below.  Mira wore it for Easter when she was two and Cy recently started wearing it (He likes skirts just like Mira and me and who am I to tell him he can’t wear it.)  I only have a few cats left and admitted that the best way to use hoarded fabric was to make him happy.

Cat Skirt

The pattern is Rae’s Skinny Tee cut in size 4.  The cat was centered on the front and attached with a zigzag stitch after I cut the pieces out.  The rest of the shirt came together here and there throughout the day.  I finished after the kids went to bed.

Cat Shirt

When Cy awoke the next morning he was excited and dressed right away.  He was so happy he even posed for a few pictures.  He also made me call him “Puss in Boots” the rest of the day.

Cat Shirt