Celebrate the Boy: Corduroy Pants

by lowbeamstudios


Rae’s and Dana’s Celebrate the Boy series was just the motivation I needed.  My husband has been saying for weeks (maybe a month….or two) that Cy needs new pants.  He must have grown because most all of his pants are too short.  With a few months left before short weather here in Ohio I knew I had to do some sewing.  First up….some turquoise corduroys.


the pattern:  Basic Pants from Growing Up Sew Liberated

the fabric:  vintage corduroy from Grandma’s stash and Martha Negley’s Feathers from her Farmington Collection

the sewing:  This is the first time I have used this pattern and things came together easily.  I guessed at the assembly of the waistband because I returned the book to the library after tracing patterns but before copying directions.  I lengthened the pattern about two inches so they will fit this year with a big cuff and next year just right.

Cy was bribed with M&Ms for these photos, but then asked to wear the pants “for the rest of the day”.  I guess he likes them.