Swing Smock

by lowbeamstudios


There is a sweet baby out in California who celebrated her first birthday recently.  I have not been fortunate enough to meet my new cousin in person, but her Mama is a woman that fits into a “bohemian chic” category.  Both Mama and child dress fashionably and I thought a Swing Smock would fit right into the little’s wardrobe.


the pattern:  Swing Smock from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing book

the fabric:  Anna Maria Horner’s Slowdance in Golden from the Innocent Crush voile line.  (I had a scrap just big enough leftover from a Flirting the Issue skirt.  I love that skirt pattern.)  Bias trim is a denim chambray.

the sewing:  I made a bunch of these when Mira was little.  It is a versatile piece that fits for a long time.  The summer she turned one, the smock was a dress with a wool diaper cover.  That winter she wore them over long sleeve tees and wool leggings.  The next summer they were very short dresses until she potty learned and I paired it with shorts.  This version is lined with a guaze cotton:  I left off the bias around the outside opting to turn and topstitch instead.  I added a little stamp to the lining to add a personal touch.



Pulling this pattern out inspired me to look back and see if I could find any photos of Mira in her smocks from my pre-blogging/must document everything days:

q 003

These were taken a few months before she turned two.  This smock has an added pocket with an embroidered sun on the front.  It was great for little treasures.  I wish I knew what made her so upset below…. definitely not the great smock!

q 018