Corduroy Portfolio Tunic

by lowbeamstudios

Another transitional piece:


the pattern:  Lisette Portfolio Tunic

the fabric:  a small wale corduroy that is a sort of muted purple/muave color

the sewing:  The second portfolio came together quicker than the first last spring.  It is a great pattern.

Last year’s dress didn’t get out of the closet much last year.  It was cut to the pattern dress length and felt too long with leggings (getting all bunchy when I walked).  I didn’t like the cut of the dress with my bare legs either; I prefer a fuller skirt with bare legs.  That problem is now solved.  The denim chambray version came out of my closet for modifications before this one was cut.  I shortened the length by five inches which is just a bit shorter than tunic length in the pattern.  I also re-sewed the cuff, reversing the seam so it can be worn without a cuff.  These changes will make me likelier to wear it as the weather warms.

This corduroy version has already been worn.  I added the sleeves and cut it just shorter than tunic length again.  The neckband facing, pockets, and hems are all voile from Anna Maria Horner’s Little Folks Collection in Baby Bouquet leftover from THIS dress (which was worn a lot last year).  The button loops are pearl cotton thread chains versus the suggested fabric loops.