KCW final finishes

by lowbeamstudios

The KCW list is finished.  I knew I was over-ambitious, but it was all sewing that needed to get done.  This shirt had been sitting without buttons for over a week and the tie was done before that.


the patterns:  Ethan Shirt by Sis Boom and PurlBee’s Little Boy Tie (modified)

the fabrics:  Sarah Watson’s Indian Summer (main: Native Band Apircot and accent: Basket of Thyme), the tie is a grey pin dot from Sew To Speak

the tie:  The Purl Bee version was made to fit a boy a few years older than mine, so I shrunk it down:  I thinned the width by an inch and cut six inches length from the middle of the pattern.  It is lined with the same accent print as the shirt (which is also the piping for my daughter’s dress).

the shirt:  I bought the pattern one night thinking I would dive right in, but decided to sleep on it after reading through the instructions once.  There were a lot of parts to cut and lots of finicky sewing for this shirt.  It is true dress shirt with a collar band, sleeve plackets, and a back yoke.  The finished product is a great piece; it just took a few nights to get there.  In the picture below, you can see a few details:  the accent fabric on cuffs and collar,  the fabric matching on the pocket, and the button band with the fabric turned horizontal.

the pants:  blogged HERE


Only one month until my little brother gets married.  The kids will be well-dressed.