Selfish Sewing

by lowbeamstudios

Documenting and sharing my crafting adventures escaped me completely this summer.  An entire season passed and I have no posts to show for it.  I hope to change that.

Tomorrow begins selfish sewing week:  a challenge to sew for myself each day {easy} and the perfect opportunity to get my blog groove back {not so easy, let’s keep our fingers crossed}.  This weekend I found a few hours for myself and prepped two patterns:  A sleeved version of AMH’s Painted Portrait Dress and a linen Staple with some modifications.  I am listing these two for accountability.  My actual list is much longer, but I can’t realistically get it all done.

See all the selfish sewing on the flickr group.  Will you join in with us?

Also, Project Sewn starts its’ second season with a great line-up of designers and themes on Monday the 30th.  Some of my sewing list might include a thing or two for this as well.  Even if you don’t sew along, you can participate in the weekly voting.