Selfish Sewing Week: Finish #1

by lowbeamstudios


the pattern:   modifed Staple dress

the fabric:  all-purpose weight linen from in natural, vintage navy floral for binding and waist tie, and vintage lace trim

the inspiration:  I recently discovered Dottie Angel.  Tif’s frocks inspired me to modify the Staple dress for my own granny chic look.  More dresses in her style will be following this one.


the modifications:  I shortened the sleeve two inches and took the top of the garment in during the process.  I also adjusted the neckline.  And, of course, I left off the Staple’s signature elastic.  I changed that up for a few simple pleats at the natural waist and laces that loop around back and tie on the sides.  I also trimmed the hem in lace;  A little feminine detail I couldn’t leave off.  I left off the pockets I had planned for, but they will be added as soon as I figure out exactly what I want.


**I begged the professor to take pictures of me before he left for work this morning so I could share my first Selfish Sewing finish today.  The quality of pictures in the very low morning sun are not great, but they will have to do.  I wanted to share at least one finish before we headed out of town for some unexpected travel.  I have to postpone the rest of my selfish sewing until next week.  Although, I did prep a hand sewing project I will work on in any down time I might get this weekend.